Emotional Freedom Technique (Tapping)

The Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT uses an understanding of energy to release energy blocks through the body.

These blockages can cause issues with our emotions and affect us physically.

EFT helps to release these blockages using tapping, with the fingertips. Tapping takes place at the ends of the energy meridians under the skin.

We come up with affirmation statements that are voiced at the same time as tapping. Voicing these statements while tapping help to rewire your neural pathways, reducing negative emotions.


What are the benefits of the Emotional Freedom Technique?

EFT can help reduce stress, anxiety, some physical pain and help you to accept things for what they are.

Many people report back after the session that they feel much calmer, relaxed and have had better sleep.

I will give you some techniques to practice at home.